Vlaamse Vereniging voor Entomologie
Flemish Entomological Society

Code of Conduct and Research

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Code of Conduct

  • We comply with all applicable laws, regulations and European policies;
  • We maintain high standards of scientific, and professional practice;
  • We are an impartial, authoritative, respected, and trusted source of independent information and advice on biodiversity science for our communities and governmental organisations;
  • We conduct our communication and affairs in a way which enhances the reputation of the Flemish Entomological Society, and entomological science in general.

Specifically we

  • ensure our scientific and management decisions are well-informed, transparent and able to withstand public scrutiny;
  • subject our research to peer review and we are open about areas of uncertainty and gaps in our knowledge;
  • manage and use the resources entrusted to us by our members responsibly and in a manner that is efficient, effective, economical and ethical;
  • are open about our scientific and general performance, whilst recognising confidentiality requirements;
  • are accountable for our actions.


  • act in a way that upholds VVE’s integrity and good reputation;
  • act ethically, in good faith and for a proper purpose;
  • treat everyone with respect and courtesy, recognising social and cultural differences;
  • recognise, value and respect the diversity, heritage, knowledge, cultural property and connection to the generations that worked before us;
  • treat colleagues fairly, equitably and with due consideration;
  • are politically impartial and neutral;
  • comply with any lawful and reasonable direction given by the Council of VVE that has the authority to give us such directions;

We do not

  • make improper use of the VVE membership to gain, or seek, benefit or advantage for ourselves or any other person;
  • provide false or misleading information;
  • bully, victimise or discriminate against any member;
  • behave in a way that intimidates, offends, degrades, insults or humiliates another person.

Code of Research

The border between professional scientists and citizen scientists has become vague. We perform science, so we are all scientists and we all should follow the Code of Research. What are the main demands from society to us, scientists and researchers affiliated with the VVE?

  • maintain high standards of research ethics and conduct consistent with the principles and responsibilities of European laws;
  • uphold the scientific reputation of the VVE;
  • support and promote a culture of responsible research conduct at VVE and in the field of practice, including undertaking and promoting education and training in this area;
  • provide guidance and mentorship on responsible research conduct to other members;
  • communicate research methodology, data and findings accurately, responsibly and where appropriate openly and broadly, taking action to correct the record in a timely manner when it is necessary;
  • avoid, manage and disclose actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest or biases in our research;
  • appropriately acknowledge the role of others in research;
  • respect and properly manage the intellectual property and research data of ourselves and others;
  • consider the consequences and outcomes of our research.

We do not engage in research misconduct, including fabrication or falsification of results, and plagiarism.