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Phegea 31 – 2003

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Phegea 31 – 2003

Phegea 31 – nummer 1 (1 maart 2003)

De Prins W.: Interessante waarnemingen van Lepidoptera in België in 2002.
Phegea 31(1): 1–4.
Drie soorten Lepidoptera werden vastgesteld als nieuw voor België: Phyllonorycter medicaginella (Gerasimov, 1830), Scrobipalpa nitentella (Fuchs, 1902), en Pechipogo plumigeralis (Hübner, [1825]). Verder worden enkele nieuwe provincievermeldingen en interessante waarnemingen besproken.

Garrevoet T. & Garrevoet W.: Sesia melanocephala, a new species to the Belgian fauna (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae).
Phegea 31(1): 5–9.
The presence of several specimens of Sesia melanocephala Dalman, 1816 was demonstrated in three Belgian provinces: Luxembourg, Liège et Namur. All specimens were collected as larva or pupa in Populus tremula trees between 4 April and 23 June, 2001. This is the first record of this species from Belgium. The distribution in Europe and the biology of the species are briefly discussed.

Groenen F.: Acleris rhombana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) nieuw voor de Belgische provincie Limburg.
Phegea 31(1): 10.
Op 8 september 2002 werd één exemplaar Acleris rhombana ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775) uit een eik geklopt bij Teuven (België, Limburg). Deze soort was nog niet eerder uit Limburg vermeld.

Groenen F. & Larsen K.: Cochylimorpha salinarida sp. n. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae, Tortricinae), a new Cochylid moth from Spain.
Phegea 31(1): 11–14.
A new Tortricid moth, Cochylimorpha salinarida sp. n., from Spain is described. Adult and male genitalia structures are figured. The female is unknown.

Kolev Z.: First record of Muschampia cribrellum in Bulgaria, with a review of the recorded distribution of genus Muschampia in the country (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae).
Phegea 31(1): 15–21.
Muschampia cribrellum (Eversmann, 1841) is reported as new to Bulgaria on the basis of two misidentified males in the collection of the Museum of Natural History - Burgas. In addition the distribution of the other two Muschampia species reported from Bulgaria is reviewed.

Nyst R. H.: Some additions to the geographical distribution of Heterocera in Belgium (Lepidoptera).
Phegea 31(1): 22–24.
The author mentions some Lepidoptera species which are new for the provinces of Brabant-Wallon and Liège. A complete list of all published Belgian records of Mythimna vitellina (Hübner, [1808]) is given.

Buhl P. N.: New species of African Platygastrinae (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae).
Phegea 31(1): 25–32.
Seven new species of Platygastridae are described from Africa: Leptacis graciliventris, L. luboi, L. microcera, Platygaster flagellata, P. matuschanskavaskyi, P. natalensis and P. setosa.

Abadjiev S. & Beshkov S.: More about Euphydryas maturna in Bulgaria (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae, Nymphalinae).
Phegea 31(1): 33–37.
The occurrence in Bulgaria of Euphydryas maturna (Linnaeus, 1758) is discussed. The known localities in that country are listed. The taxonomy and bionomics of this species are briefly discussed.

Schoolmeesters P. & Van den Heuvel R.: A new record for the Canary Islands (Coleoptera: Aphodiidae, Aphodiinae).
Phegea 31(1): 38.
Aphodius (Plagiogonus) nanus Fairmaire, 1860 is reported here for the first time from the Canary Islands.

Kindts, B.: Interessante vondst van Lithophane semibrunnea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae).
Phegea 31(1): 39–40.
Een exemplaar Lithophane semibrunnea (Haworth, 1809) werd gekweekt uit een rups die op 7 juli 2002 op Fraxinus excelsior L. te Wenduine (provincie West-Vlaanderen) gevonden was. Het adult kwam uit op 10 september 2002. De soort is bekend uit alle Belgische provincie maar wordt slechts sporadisch waargenomen.


Phegea 31 – nummer 2 (1 juni 2003)

Vanholder B.: Trekvlinders in 2001, achttiende jaarverslag (Lepidoptera).
Phegea 31(2): 41–59.
Verslag van de trekvlinders waargenomen in België in 2001. Een overzichtstabel met alle informatie betreffende de Belgische trekvlinders en zwervers is achteraan het artikel opgenomen.

De Vrieze M.: Contribution to the knowledge of the Noctuidae from Spain. Observations and collecting trips from September 1986 till December 2001 (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae).
Phegea 31(2): 61–79.
During a period of 16 year (from autumn 1986 till end of December 2001) Noctuidae were collected, especially in the province of Alicante, but also in the provinces of Gerona, Huesca, Zaragoza, Teruel, Cuenca, Madrid, Segovia, Valencia, Murcia and Granada. The records obtained during these trips are listed in this paper. 259 species of Noctuidae are mentioned, of which some for the first time from the province of Alicante. A list of all observed species is given and the most interesting species are discussed.


Phegea 31 – nummer 3 (1 september 2003)

Janssens K.: Aanvullende gegevens betreffende de families Melittidae en Megachilidae in België (Hymenoptera: Aculeata).
Phegea 31(3): 81–86.
De auteur vermeldt waarnemingen van Melittidae en Megachilidae in België uit verschillende bronnen. De meeste meldingen komen uit de provincie Antwerpen, waarvoor vele soorten hier voor het eerst worden gemeld.

De Prins W.: Four new species for the Belgian fauna (Lepidoptera: Lyonetiidae, Coleophoridae, Pterophoridae).
Phegea 31(3): 87–90.
The author records four new species for the Belgian fauna: Lyonetia prunifoliella (Hübner, 1796), Coleophora milvipennis Zeller, 1839, C. fuscocuprella Herrich-Schäffer, 1855 en Pselnophorus heterodactylus (Müller, 1764).

Zavada A.: Definition of subgenera and a reassessment of species groups of Torymus Dalman (Hymenoptera: Torymidae), based on Palaearctic material.
Phegea 31(3): 91–120.
Five subgenera, Callimomus Thomson, Lioterphus Thomson, Arctorymus subgen. n., Aretorymus subgen. nov., and Torymus s. str. are recognized for Palaearctic species of the genus Torymus Dalman. Concepts of Callimomus and Lioterphus are revised and extended against previously adopted concepts of these taxa as separate genera. Several uncertain placements of recently described species in Graham's species groups are corrected. These groups are reassessed and those preserved are provided with updated descriptions. A key is given to subgenera and species groups. One species (T. drewseni Zavada) is synonymized.


Phegea 31 – nummer 4 (1 december 2003)

Kolev Z.: A final note on the taxon Aricia (Ultraaricia) orpheus and its relationship to Plebejus (Aricia) anteros (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae).
Phegea 31(4): 161–166.
It is confirmed, based on research in the type locality of the taxon Aricia (Ultraaricia) orpheus Nekrutenko, 1980 and in further seven Bulgarian populations of Plebejus (Aricia) anteros (Freyer, [1838]), that Aricia (Ultraaricia) orpheus Nekrutenko, 1980 is an infrasubspecific taxon and a junior subjective synonym of Lycaena anteros anteros Freyer, [1838]. Several previously unnoticed factual errors in Nekrutenko's paper are also discussed, and the distribution of P. (A.) anteros in Bulgaria is summed up.

Poltavsky A. N. & Vjatcheslavovna, I. E.: The Noctuidae (Lepidoptera) of the Daghestan Republic (Russia). II.
Phegea 31(4): 167–181.
This is the second paper about the Noctuidae of Daghestan. The new list comprises 224 species including 80 new species for this republic and 13 new localities. The new data are the results of 2001-2002 catches; additional data were obtained from the Zoological Institute collection (St.-Petersburg) and from literature references. The number of Noctuidae species currently known from Daghestan amounts now to 423.

Buhl P. N.: New or little known platygastrids (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae).
Phegea 31(4): 183–193.
Six new species, viz. Leptacis longiciliata (from Guinea-Bissau), Platygaster costaricae, P. flabellata, P. hanssoniana, Synopeas acuticornis (all from Costa Rica), and S. guatemalae (from Guatemala) are described. The hitherto unknown male of Platygaster laricis Haliday, and the hitherto unknown female of P. striatidorsum Buhl are described.

Van de Weyer G.: Dasysyrphus lenensis, nieuw voor de Belgische fauna (Diptera: Syrphidae).
Phegea 31(4): 195–196.
Op 17 juni 2000 werd een vrouwtje van Dasysyrphus lenensis, Bagatshanova, 1980 gevonden nabij Robertville (Provincie Luik). Deze soort wordt hier voor het eerst uit België vermeld.

Nyst R. H.: Isolated records and some Belgian localities with special interest (Lepidoptera).
Phegea 31(4): 197–198.
The author lists some Lepidoptera observed in the centre of Brussels city during 2002. The most remarkable of these is Pseudopostega crepusculella (Zeller, 1839), of which the caterpillar lives on Mentha sp., a plant which is frequently available on the markets and in vegetable shops. Furthermore, Agonopterix heracliana (Linnaeus, 1758) is recorded for the first time from the province of Namur.


Phegea 31 – 2003